Care Homes in Kent, Canterbury, Ashford, Dover, Maidstone

We are able to clean all areas of your care homes ensuring that you meet proper standards for hygiene and safety at all times.

Public areas including hallways, foyers, stairs and lifts are cleaned at times to suit your staff and the residents. We use safety signage to indicate wet floors and cleaning hazards. We can ensure that cleaning takes place at times that have minimum impact to residents and visitors.

Kitchens and dining areas are properly cleaned to recommended standards.

Residents rooms can be cleaned on an individual basis. We can prepare clear, clean and prepare rooms for re-occupation.

Outside areas and windows are no probem to Crystal Clean Canterbury. We will make sure that garden beds, shurbery and storage areas are kept clean and tidy.

You can safely outsource all your Care Home cleaning to Crystal Cleaning Canterbury leaving you to concentrate entirely on your care home business and your residents' welfare.